Or Marin Void

The most impressive performance at p-dance festival Leipzig.

The Oval Language 01 Juli 2014

Klaus Peter John/ The Oval Language aus Leipzig. Auftritt -voice perfomance- am 1.Juli 2014 im GAPGAP, Gemeindeamtsstr. 13, 04177 Leipzig/ Deutschland.


PROTOCOOP from Derida Dance on Vimeo.

Full version of PROTOCOOP performance. Produced in collaboration between Derida Dance and the Korea Dance Festival

Chopreography: Jivko Jeliazkov
Dance: Kang Yoon Chan, Kim Ki Hyung, Yook Nan Hee, Lee Kang Seok, Lee Kyung Gu, Lee Seung Ju, Lee Yeon Ju, Jung Jin A, Choi Young Jun, Hong Ye Eun, Hwang Chan Yong, Byung-hee Jeon, Milena Videnova, Petia Mukov, Polina Stoyanova, Diana Ivanova, Ivet Georgieva, Philip Milanov, Stela Tomova, Stephanie Handzhiiska
Rehearsal director: Jungin Lee
Music composer: Ivan Shopov
Producer: Atanas Maev

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Monocrossing is a multimedia dance performance, based on the structure of the adventure video games, in which characters often go through different virtual spaces and challenges in constant search for a thing which will help them to fulfill their personal mission. In the interactive story the dancers impersonate the roles of characters who are driven by a constant study and solving of a puzzle, until they finally reach their destination.

Choreographer: Jivko Jeliazkov (BG)
Performers: Mariann Hargitai (HU),
Philip Milanov (BG)
Composer: Ivan Shopov (BG)
Video artist: Polina Stoyanova (BG)
Production manager: Atanas Maev (BG), Dóra Trifonov (HU)