More or less the "interview" based on some meetings we had, where we chatted about the festival and Sean's release on AVACHORDA (end of year).


Lind Bohm (Lind): Sean, your the curator and organizer of Friends of Sagittarius, a DIY Festival in Berlin.

This is a hell of work to do, but you also perform on stage. Sounds punishing.

I know it is a DIY-Festival, but tell us some details about what we should expect.


Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (Sean): I had the ideal to be a curator of this festival after hearing from other artist and also of my own experience of how difficult it is to find a place to perform experimental and truly independent music.

I would like this to be a night of like minded friends and guest of the experimental to come together

and rejoice in the fact that these forms of music can be seen and heard. I plan to have catering,

and drinks for the artists, and to create a documentary,fotos, and a live compilation recording of the event which every artist that participated will receive. I hope when all things go well, that we all will enjoy the occasion of this special event.


Lind: You know most of the musicians well?


Sean: I have had the pleasure of performing with quite a few of the artist joining me on this festival night, and the berlin experimental and noise scene is really not that large, which is a good thing.


Lind: Is it the first time that the festivals happens?


Sean: This is the first festival of a series of others i hope yet to realize.


Lind: Your a member of some projects?  Some infos about it?


Sean: I am a founding member of The Rottt ana a founding member of dance and theater composer project (Tradishion) with Paul James Hines former member of Test Dept.

I am a active member of internet created project The RADIOACTIVE ENSEMBLE

I am a founding member of HILDEGUARD with guido möbius and TOBY BURDON former member of TEST DEPT.,i am a founding member of the (Banana republic combo), and a active member of the berlin Tacheles project ( ELECTRO SUSHI).


Lind: Your familiar with the Berlin scene? Since when you live in Berlin? You will stay here for longer?


Sean: I have been active in the berlin scene for the past twenty years, and i have experienced many changes, good and bad, after all these years , the berlin scene still captures my attention, there is a flow of artists coming from all around the world , that passes though the gates of berlin.


Lind: What are your future plans with Sagittarius records? What is the intention of the label? First releases, when? Net only?


Sean: I have just started the netlabel FOS, there will be a live compilation release of the festival which i plan as the first FOS net release, my plans in the future will be to create a recycled tape release FOS label.


Lind: You released a bunch of your work on netlabels with very good feedback. Beside that, was it fruitful for you and in which way?


Sean: I have had the pleasure of releasing on varied net labels, and though this format i have came into contact with many other like minded artist, this has been a great benefit for me.


Lind: Your the inventor of accidental guitar style. Help us to catch a meaning. What is so special about?


Sean: I had my first guitar at the age of two, given to me by my grandmother, who was also a great guitar player, but had to stop because of here family life. My second guitar i received at the age of ten from my greatgrandmother it was my birthday wish, i gave up trying to learn after a few

private lessons, then i began to be a part of the chicago dj house music scene, after relocating to berlin

i became active in the punk scene and started singing and playing guitar again, it was through this experience that i realize my deep connection to the guitar, i started experimentating with all the different forms of expressing a sound, and found out to my surprise my desire for creating soundscapes. and making the other musicans angry because they where not able to follow my directions in sound

research, the more i dived into this new world the more isolated i became. with respect to my fellow artist, i then deceided at this point that i would no longer follow any forms of conventional music, my playing would be based upon what i call the accidental guitar, a free forming search into the realms of experimentation reseach.


Lind: Sean, thanks a lot and good luck for the show!


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