Chloroformo: Review by David Rosenberg On CHLOROFORMO, Lind Bohm performs his personal vision of contemporary music & POP. Claustrophobic atmospheres (listen to KLANG DER ZEIT II) alternates with momentary piano glimpses (listen to Chloroformo) and minimalistic slomo melodies (listen to Klang der Zeit I).

Chloroformo features striking music, mostly recorded live, performed on real instruments like piano, percussions and horns. Also programming, which sounds organic and vital. Vocals are there, but not in a traditional way of song writing. Voices performing like an instrument, improvised, ritual and emotional (Schall & Wahn)

Nothing is at rest in his compositions and even when it sounds gentle, silent, or violent, there is a dynamic motion you can feel (listen to Ruf der Jünger II) the noisiest track on the album). Pigeonhole Lind Bohm is almost impossible, which is a compliment, not a matter of arbitrariness.
A good musician is one that communicates a feeling, touches the emotions and leaves the listener a changed person for having listened that. It is, in a word, effective. That's exactly what CHLOROFORMO made for me.

David Rosenberg (Berlin, 2012)