A production of Overhead Project
Duet. 12 min. 2012

”Eh La is a physical quest into the experience of falling. With their technique of hand-to-hand acrobatics, Tim Behren and Florian Patchovsky research the sensations that the body experiences when it passes through different levels of height. However, a body never falls alone. When the body travels through positions that it is not used to, the mind also experiences something new. From high to low, from upright to more archaic and brutal: our minds fall through the different layers between the conscious, upright world and the deep and unconscious depths of who we are. Eh La is strong in the complicity of it’s acrobats who dig into a basic action of their technique, uncovering a telling and human experience.“ (Bauke Lievens, Dramaturgin, Ghent)

"Eh La" - Overhead Project from Overhead Project on Vimeo.