Nagual Dance performance at MIA Music Summit 2014

Music created out of body movement. The two dancers Amy C. San Pedro and Kehynde Hill performed on stage at the MMS 2014, using the Nagual Sounds technology, to create music through their dance moves.
The dancer on the left played the percussion elements, while the dancer on the right played the melodies.

Mendelssohn Effektorium - Virtual orchestra for Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Museum Leipzig

Mendelssohn Effektorium - Virtual orchestra for Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Museum Leipzig from WHITEvoid on Vimeo.

Mendelssohn Effektorium Virtual orchestra for the Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Museum Leipzig The Effektorium is a technically complex, but user friendly, and exceedingly fun installation at the Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Museum in Leipzig. The museum visitor enters the room to find himself at the conductors stand with digital music notes and an orchestra of 13 speakers in front of him. Each speaker represents a different group of instruments. The visitor is given a conductors´ stick, and the concert may begin. On the repertoire are works of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. By browsing the electronic note-pad the visitor freely chooses which work he/she wishes to conduct, and by swinging the conductors stick decides upon the tempo. The visitor can also exclude a certain group of instruments or decide to hear just one instrument solo. In this way one enjoys a very personalized version of Mendelssohn-Bartholdys work. The idea for the Effektorium originated in the cooperation between Bertron Schwarz Frey Studio and WHITEvoid. WHITEvoid administered the implementation. The Effektorium is exceptional in its kind, and put the Museum of Medelssohn-Bartholdy among the most elaborate music museums in the world.


Gespannt sein auf das was kommt. Wenig ist abgesprochen oder vorbereitet. Und es gibt keinen Grund, sich an das Abgesprochene zu halten.
Genauso wie ein spontaner Konzertbesucher nicht weiß, was ihn erwartet, geht es den Akteuren auf der Bühne. Freie Improvisation lebt von der Spontanität und Interaktion der Beteiligten – nichts muss, alles kann.
Höchste Anspannung, Sensibilität, Spontanität, Aktion und Reaktion vom Anfang bis zum Ende.
Für diesen Abend hat sich eine bunte Mischung Leipziger Improvisatoren zusammengefunden. Neben ungewöhnlichen Klängen von Instrumenten wie Theremin, Acoustic Laptop und Ra wird auch das Auge belohnt. Inka Perl wird das Konzert durch Live-Animationen und Bilder bereichern.


Short movie by Roeland van Onckelen and KasjaNoova

Impressive work. Period!

»[How To Be] Almost There / duet« Trailer - Cie HeadFeedHands

A production of HeadFeedHands - Company for new circus, dance and theatre

Two men in an atmosphere of breathlessness, of desperation, of silent bending and ignorant rebellion. A sandstormish desert of chairs in no man’s land. One man who loses himself in the need for company and privacy, for human closeness and distance, and another one who tears these walls down. While one of them is falling head first, the other one holds him tenderly and hands him over to the ground.
This highly physical mens’ duet, performed by the two acrobats Tim Behren und Florian Patschovsky, surprises with unusual, powerful bodywork – a precisely defined symbiosis of circus and dance.

Choreography: A.Hirth, M.Caroll, T.Behren, F.Patschovsky

»[How To Be] Almost There / duet« Trailer - Cie HeadFeedHands from Overhead Project on Vimeo.

"Eh La" - Overhead Project

A production of Overhead Project
Duet. 12 min. 2012

”Eh La is a physical quest into the experience of falling. With their technique of hand-to-hand acrobatics, Tim Behren and Florian Patchovsky research the sensations that the body experiences when it passes through different levels of height. However, a body never falls alone. When the body travels through positions that it is not used to, the mind also experiences something new. From high to low, from upright to more archaic and brutal: our minds fall through the different layers between the conscious, upright world and the deep and unconscious depths of who we are. Eh La is strong in the complicity of it’s acrobats who dig into a basic action of their technique, uncovering a telling and human experience.“ (Bauke Lievens, Dramaturgin, Ghent)

"Eh La" - Overhead Project from Overhead Project on Vimeo.


Thursday, 5th September 2013, 7pm

Performance lecture: Orestes De La Paz (Miami, USA)

Sound performance: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (Berlin Dolls)

Curator: Ismael Ogando

Founder and artistic director: Dr. Bonaventure S.B. Ndikung;

Co-artistic director: Dr. Elena Agudio

SAVVY Contemporary I Richardstr.20 I 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

The body is a material organism, but also a metaphor for various issues of modern society. Nowadays, the body is no longer merely a biological entity and a surface of beauty, but it has come to be a substrate for technological experiments conducted in a bid to attain an illusion of perfection and the chimera of beauty. Liposuction (variably termed ‘lipoplasty’ or ‘liposculpture’) is one of the ways by which mankind follows up the inherent craze and crave to sculpture their physical identity and shape their own body (body management), through a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes fat from a specific area of the body, e.g. the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs. It is against this backdrop that artist Orestes De La Paz incorporates liposuction in his project Making Soap and offers an insight into contemporary tendencies and possibilities of exploration or even exploitation of the human body.

SAVVY Contemporary offers De La Paz a platform to expatiate on his performative practice, accompanied by a joint session to collectively wash hands in innocence with the artist’s soap. The event will be followed by a musical intervention by composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt.

Yuuichirou Yamanishi, exhitibion at "Das Japanische Haus" in Leipzig

Kunstausstellung “view from the behind” Yuuichirou Yamanishi

23. bis 30. August 2013

Offnungszeiten: 12 - 18 Uhr

Photos from Vernissage / Performance : Friday, 23th August 2013

Musik: Yuri Matsuzaki (Flöte)


Yuuichirou Yamanishi   ( 山西 雄一郎 )

lebt und arbeitet in Yokohama, Japan und Berlin


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Born in 1979 in Yokohama, Japan. Since early childhood, he loved to investigate and devise things around him and create something new. During high school days, leather craft caught his interest and he devoted much of his time to the craft. After graduation, Yuuichirou studied Graphic Design and contemporary art. At the same time, he encountered the attraction of photography and this was the trigger to open his eyes to the incredible world of art and photography.

He is interested in “The sense of sight”, “Invisibility”, “Indistinct” and “Atmosphere” as theme. However, he dose not want to repeat same project again and prefer to create new things every time. “the social problem” is one of his other theme. Growth of contemporary art scene has never stopped. He creates new art from now on.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

2000 “Kyouiroiro” Gallery TOBI, Tokyo –Solo exhibition–

2001 Hasselblad school photo contest, Japan –Excellent award–

2002 graduated from Toyo Institute of Art and Design / Visual communication design department. studied graphic design and contemporary art.

2003 “gap” Shinjyuku Nikon gallery, Tokyo, Japan –Solo exhibition–
“gap” Osaka Nikon gallery, Osaka, Japan –Group exhibition–

2005 “La photographie comme avenure” Art Planning Room AOYAMA, Tokyo –Group exhibition–

2007 “Fragments of time and heart” PLACE M, Tokyo –Solo exhibition–

2007 “Raka” Nagune, Tokyo –Solo exhibition–

2009 “Raka”KUNST IM TURM, Berlin, –Group exhibition–

2011 “meet the photographers” Phototheke, Berlin –Group exhibition–

2011 “listen to their modest insistence” in the Browse Fotofestival, Berlin –Solo exhibition–

2012 “The Still Noise” Restaurant of “SWERA”, Berlin –Solo exhibition–

The Oval Language/ April2013

Kunst-Performance am 7. April 2013 Kunstraum Michael Barthel by Klaus-Peter John. Leipzig/ Germany

The Oval Language is a project existing since 1987. Created by Frank Berendt and Klaus-Peter John they worked with a wide variety of artists, performers and bands.
Over the years The Oval Language took part in a number of exhibitions, happenings/performances and created various installations.

FM Einheit photos concert Tittmoning

Nice and relaxxed warm summer night with great music.
Warm and organic sound, energetic performance. Sometimes reminisence (in a positive way) to La Düsseldorf/Neu and a Jaki Liebzeit sounding drumming from the girl on the batteries (very good). What more could one want?
For full screen click on the photo.

FM Einheit concert at farm house Tittmoning

FM Einheit, founding member and ex-creative head of Einstürzende Neubauten playing a concert (limited for 100 music lovers) at friends organic farm here in Tittmoning, Bavaria, 300m distance from my house.

Date: Friday, 26th of Juli. Starting 9pm.

If you wanna join us, send me a message. We have a place to sleep (bring with your sleeping bag), a shower in the morning and a get together at the breakfast.

If you need luxury, search elsewhere.

see you
Lind Bohm

NichelOdeon/InSonar feat. Elliott Sharp, members of King Crimson, Hawkwind, Gong, P.F.M., Area, Oceansize and 82 musicians from 5 continents!

Claudio Milano + NichelOdeon + The Radiata 5tet
complete disco/videography set

This is a special limited time offer to continue collecting funds to cover NicheOdeon's new amazing album production costs, and to celebrate it's upcoming release. So, buy fast and tell your friends!! ;-)

in the set:

Claudio Milano

L'urlo rubato

Studio Album, released in 2004

  • tracklist

    Ma le Serve di Genet? (The surreal and amusing part of a drama)

    • total time: 9:54
    • 01. Movimento #1
    • 02. Movimento #2
    • 03. Ne me quitte pas (J. Brel)
    • 04. Le deserteur ... marseillaise (B.Vian/H. Berg/R. De Lisle)
    • 05. Vedrai, vedrai (L. Tenco)

    Hamlet (A dumb humanity reduced to a ghost of passions)

    • total time: 35:56
    • 06. Introduzione
    • 07. Tema d'infanzia
    • 08. Ripresa
    • 09. Tema per il corte funebre
    • 10. Prima apparizione dello spettro
    • 11. Fanfara nuzionale e danza
    • 12. Apparizione dello spettro (flauto solo)
    • 13. Rivelazione dello spettro
    • 14. Lettere
    • 15. Ofelia (canto d'amore)
    • 16. Separazione (gradi di)...
    • 17...Danza macabra
    • 18. Spettacolo a corte
    • 19. Pentimento di Claudio
    • 20. Dialogo con lo spettro
    • 21. La colpa di Gertrude
    • 22. Follia e morte di Ofelia
    • 23. Duello
    • 24. Finale

    Building up a cathedral from me (Thought and action have no real correspondence in life)

    • total time: 31:58
    • 25-35. parte prima: Stanze da 1 a 11
    • 36-42. parte seconda: Stanze da 12 a 18
    • 43. Exit?
  • musicians
    Music, lyrics and arrangements by Claudio Milano

    Ma le serve di Genet?

    Claudio Milano: grandpiano, voices, field recordings
    Giovanni Zerbi: flute, tenor and baritone sax (track 1), soprano sax (track 4)
    Federica Della Janna: violin (track 1)
    Paolo Siconolfi: electronic treatments, sound designer


    Claudio Milano: keyboards, bass-baritone voice, harmonic & ethnic singing, field recordings
    Silvia De Frè: flute (tracks 10-13-19-22)
    Ignacio Guarrochena: flute (tracks 6-8-9-11-12-14-15-21-24)
    Federica Della Janna: violin (tracks 6-17-18-20-21)
    Marco Sicca: violin (tracks 22-23)
    Giuliano Marco Mattioli: harp (tracks 14-15-24), counter-tenor (tracks 6-8-9)
    Elio Marchesini: percussion (tracks 10-13-19-23)
    Sebastiano Morgavi: percussion (tracks 6-8-9-11-12-15-18-24)
    Laura Catrani: soprano (tracks 10-13-19-22-23)
    Estibaliz Igea: soprano (tracks 6-8-9-15)
    Giorgio Tiboni: tenor (tracks 13-19-22-23)
    Giorgio Foglini "Hamlet child": readings (track 24)
    Marc Vincent Kalinka: readings (track 9)
    Richard Falco: readings (track 9)
    Paolo Siconolfi: electronic treatments, sound designer

    Percussion arrangements by Sebastiano Morgavi, Claudio Milano and Elio Marchesini
    Lyrics freely adapted from Hamlet (Richard Shakespeare)

    Building up a cathedral from me

    Claudio Milano: voices, keyboards, field recordings, magnetic tapes
    Paolo Siconolfi: electronic treatments, programming (tracks 32-34-37-38-41), readings (track 42), sound designer

    Francesca Badalini: synthviolin (tracks 29-32)
    Cristiano Coltro: electric guitar (tracks 34-43)
    Marilu Ponce Muente: readings (track 35)
    Andrea Di Cesare: electric guitars (tracks 37-38-40-41-42)
    Luca Di Cesare: keyboards (tracks 36 to 42)
    Serena Bruni: flute (track 43)
    Lorenzo Gervasi: keyboards (track 43)

Claudio Milano

La Stanza Suona Ciò Che Non Vedo

Studio Album, released in 2006

  • tracklist
    • 1. Amanti in guerra (Claudio Milano) (4'23")
    • 2. Fame (Claudio Milano) (5'06")
    • 3. Malamore e la Luna (Claudio Milano/Dario Dongo) (4'17")
    • 4. L'immagine e il riflesso (Claudio Milano/Enrico Di Vico) (4'15")
    • Europa che muore:
    • 5. Lascia ch'io pianga (G. F. Handel) (2'48")
    • 6. Ne me quitte pas (J. Brel) (1'09")
    • 7. Le déserteur...marseillaise (B. Vian /H. Berg/R. De Lisle) (0'37")
    • 8. Vedrai, vedrai (Luigi Tenco) (2'12")
    • 9. La torre più alta (Claudio Milano) (7'06")
    • 10. Lettere... (Claudio Milano) (1'35")
    • 11. ...Amanti in guerra - nude version - (Claudio Milano) (3'35")
    • 12. Disegnando cattedrali di cellule - live - (Claudio Milano) (12'31")
    • 13. Il ladro di giochi (Claudio Milano) (4'05")
  • musicians
    Claudio Milano: voices, piano, keyboards, field recordings

    Massimo Avrusci: guitars, programming (1-4)
    Maurizio Avrusci: keyboards, bass guitar, programming (1-4), laptop (12)
    Andrea Di Cesare: guitars (12)
    Luca Di Cesare: keyboards (12)
    Laetitia Favart: mezzosoprano, readings
    Stefano Fiorio: guitar synth, keyboards and programming (5-9),
    Enzo Lanzo: drums, percussion (12)
    Benedetto Moro: grand piano (2-3-5-10-12)
    Alfonso Musci: trumpet (12)
    Giovanni Zerbi: soprano sax
    Paolo Siconolfi: sound designer, electronic treatments



Studio album, released in 2012

  • tracklist
    • 1. L'Oracolo Di Delfi
    • 2. Adython
  • musicians
    Claudio Milano: Vocals
    Erna Franssens: lyrics, concept
    Attila Faravelli: computer
    Stefano Ferrian: sax
    Alfonso Santimone: Laptop, live electronics



Live, released in 2008

  • tracklist

    Ma le Serve di Genet? (The surreal and amusing part of a drama)

    • 1. Fame
    • 2. La mosca stregata
    • 3. Lascia ch'io pianga
    • 4. Malamore e la Luna
    • 5. Amanti in guerra
    • 6. La torre più alta
    • 7. Ciò che rimane
    • 8. Flower Of Innocence
    • 9. Disegnando cattedrali di cellule Pt.II
    • 10. Il ladro di giochi
  • musicians
    Music, lyrics and arrangements by Claudio Milano

    Claudio Milano: vocals
    Francesco Zago: electric guitar
    Maurizio Fasoli: piano
    Riccardo Di Paola: synth


Il Gioco del Silenzio

Studio Album, released in 2010

  • tracklist
    • 1. Fame (3:53)
    • 2. Fiaba (6:57)
    • 3. Claustrofilia (5:27)
    • 4. Malamore e la Luna (8:59)
    • 5. Amanti in guerra (5:56)
    • 6. Ombre cinesi (5:38)
    • 7. Apnea (7:15)
    • 8. Il giardino degli altri (8:16)
    • 9. La corsa dei trattori (ghost track) (1:44)
    • 10. Se (7:59)
    • 11. Lana di vetro (7:55)
    • 12. Ciò che rimane (8:59)
  • musicians
    Francesco Chiapperini: sax, clarinet, flute, EWI
    Andrea Illuminati: piano, melodica, bombarda
    Claudio Milano: vocals
    Andrea Murada: percussion, didjeridoo, noise effects, flute, vocals
    Max Pierini: electric counterbass: ocarina
    Luca Pissavini: viola, synth, toys, field recordings, duduk, theremin
    Lorenzo Sempio: guitars, synth

    Guest musicians

    Carola Caruso: backing vocals (6), female vocals (2)
    Stefano Delle Monache: electronics and laptop (6)
    Estibaliz Igea: operatic vocals (5)
    Luciano Margorani: electric guitar and noises (4)
    Luca Olivieri: synth and noises (3), glockenspiel (11)
    Claudio Pirro: classical guitar (1), (2)
    Antonello Raggi: electronics and laptop (10)
    Marco Tuppo: synth (11)


Come sta Annie?

Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Show

DVD, released in 2004

  • tracklist

    "Il gioco del silenzio live - Nichelodeon in concert"

    • 1. A solemn preface
    • 2. Ombre cinesi
    • 3. Apnea
    • 4. Claustrofilia
    • 5. Se
    • 6. Ciò che rimane
    • 7. Malamore e la Luna

    "Passaggio nella loggia nera - Twin Peaks live soundtrack"

    • Pt. I: A walk inside the Black Lodge (Sycamore Trees)
    • Pt. II: The bank
    • Pt. III: RR Diner
    • Pt. IV: Return into the Black Lodge (Firewalking)
    • Pt. V: Out of the Lodge (Come sta Annie?)
  • musicians
    Music, lyrics and arrangements by Claudio Milano

    Francesco Chiapperini: sax, clarinet, flute, EWI
    Andrea Illuminati: piano, melodica, bombarda
    Claudio Milano: vocals
    Andrea Murada: percussion, didjeridoo, noise effects, flute, vocals
    Max Pierini: electric counterbass: ocarina
    Luca Pissavini: viola, synth, toys, field recordings, duduk, theremin
    Lorenzo Sempio: guitars, synth



Live, released in 2012

First time CD version!!

  • tracklist
    • 1. Fame 4:00
    • 2. Fiaba 7:13
    • 3. Malamore E La Luna 4:35
    • 4. Apnea 6:30
    • 5. Claustrofilia 6:04
    • Total Time 28:22
  • musicians
    Music, lyrics and arrangements by Claudio Milano

    Fabrizio Carriero: Drums and Percussion
    Francesco Chiapperini: Sax, Clarinet
    Andrea Illuminati: Piano, Keyboards, laptop
    Claudio MIlano: Vocals
    Luca Pissavini: Electric Bass
    Lorenzo Sempio: Electric Guitar, Guitar Synth, Effects

The Radiata 5tet

Aurelia Aurita

Studio album, released in 2012

  • tracklist
    • 1. Bile dal Po
    • 2. Eumetazoa
    • 3. Planula Larvae
    • 4. Diploblastic
    • 5. Single Germ Layer “G”
    • 6. Echinoderms
    • 7. Spiralia
    • 8. Radially Symmetrical Cndarians
    • 9. Vectensis
    • 10. Ctenophores
  • musicians
    Claudio Milano: voice
    Luca Pissavini: double bass
    Stefano Ferrian: tenor sax
    Cecilia Quinteros: cello
    Vito Emanuele Galante: trumpet
  • You get
  • 7 autographed CDs
    + 1 DVD
  • for just
  • € 35,00 *
Link to Claudio Milanos shop

Major Dark aka BODO has passed away

In the mid 90's, when we run the Blue Velvet Club, a guest grapped my attention. Not only that he was a bear of a man, he was passionate about electronic music. Not passionate about party, not passionate about me, myself and I, passionate about music. I've started making electronic music these days and we had long conversation about it.

Then, for 10 years our paths havent't crossed. BODO worked as a software programmer. Short after we started Krautnoise/AVACHORDA in 2006 I've got a call from a guy called BODO talking about the Velvet times. I thought who's the fuck is BODO. But we made a date talking about a release in his Studio in Rosenheim (btw. where John Manzarek from the doors died also last week).

I've entered his studio, the bear was now a big one with an awesome collection of analogue gear. We jammed some hours and the guy was really good. Not that kind of synth collector with a big mouth and less than zero talent. Really good.

We made no release together. Our directions where to different, but we kept in touch and met several times per year chatting and jamming. Interestingly no mails, no phone calls. Face2Face only.

Now, after 4 years BODO lost his fight against cancer. He is survived by a 10 years old boy and his wife.

Hope you doing well now BODO. If you like, send some tunes to mother earth. GODSPEED