Der Traum ist aus aber ich werde alles geben dass er Wirklichkeit wird

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Regie: Uwe Bautz
Musikalische Leitung: Peter Schneider
Ausstattung: Hildegard Altmeyer
Dramaturgie: Jonas Hennicke
Mit: Peter Schneider,
Barbara Trommer
Musiker: Andreas Schwaiger, Sascha Paul Stratmann, Melchior Walther

Kies van Akkermann - oeko ist geil

Krautnoise 11

Release on Krautnoise April 01, 2013. Written by Kies van Akkermann and Lind Bohm. Produced by Lind Bohm at Kunstraum F8. Video by Lind Bohm. More Infos on

Öko ist geil
Chemie ist scheiße

Reich ist böse
arm ist gut

Kunst ist wertvoll
Unterhaltung ist billig

Bausparvertrag ist spießig
Aktien sind sexy

Action ist doof
Thriller ist schlau

Öko ist geil
Öko ist geil

Chemie ist scheiße
Chemie ist scheiße

Pommes ist Kalorien
Brokoli ist das nicht

Pommes ist Kalorien
Brokoli nicht

Pommes ist Kalorien
Brokoli nicht
Brokoli nicht


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ONI (Sax Djuna Keen, Drums, voice : Sven G , Guitar : Frank Vranckx, Bass : Fred A, Voice, noises, lyrics, Images and projection RVO from the work of KasjaNoova, Mixing :Mark Burghgraeve


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The movie is without dialogue ,the music talks with the images.... People can see it as a dream that is sending a message or a story from a girl who is looking for some harmony and to get rid of images of the past that are disturbing her life , she mets her "demon" and chase him... till he has no escape and gets tired and she can let him behind in a transformation where she comes out in a harmonic state and blend with nature,
Filming, montage RVO (Roeland Van Onckelen) . Story, asistence, artwork KasjaNoova Scenario RVO and KasjaNoova. Music: South33, Grisumbraevanethra, ONI, RVO. Soundmontage:RVO Actors Ashton Ka, Glenda Langue, RVO, KasjaNoova.

bethesda impression 4 - the tower

The tower at Bethesda Art Centre where we made our stay. First and 2nd floor.

Nieu Bethesda got its name from the pool of Bethesda, said to have been at the sheep gate of the old city of Jerusalem. According to the story, when the waters of the pool were stirred by an angel, anyone entering it would be healed.
Nieu Bethesda is nestled high in a valley under the shadow of the Compassburg mountain in the Great Karoo. There are no streetlights, the roads are untarred, and the beautiful semi-desert landscape, wide skies and artistic reputation attract tourists from all over the world.

But in the township, living conditions are harsh. Little has changed in the past decade, and like many rural township communities in the Eastern Cape, education and employment opportunities are almost non-existent, and the majority of the population depends on government pensions to survive. The Arts Centre offers a unique opportunity to break out of a life of deprivation and boredom for rewarding and inspiring work.

bethesda impressions 3 - the dead house

Maybe this is strange, but the dead house & the cemetery are the places where I spend always quality time exploring a city. This photo from outside the dead house says more than 1000 words about the citizens and the vibes in Bethesda.

Bethesda impressions 1

We spent 6 day in Nieu Bethesda. Nieu Bethesda is a small town in the Karoo. 900 citizens live there. Of that 80 artists. Painters, sculptures, ceramists and musicians.

Capetown downtown

View from the patio of my appartment in Capetown. Table Mountain in the fog. Click for full screen.


KAROO from Avachorda / Krautnoise on Vimeo.

Back from Africa, an appetizer, shot in the Karoo, were we hosted for 1 week at water tower, Bethesda Art Centre, Nieu Bethesda.
Song from Granjolas album "Silence provokes a flash of lightning". Written and performed by KasjaNoova & me.
The performance of Kasja is outstanding I think (Kudos & kisses to her). VIDEO is kind of a road movie, shot riding through the Karoo.

Check the HD-version on vimeo.

ONI official-Chlorophyl

Improvisationtrack with added effects in the mixing and some doubled parts. Sven Goyvaerts: drums, Fred A: bass, DjunaKeen: sax. KasjaNoova: voice, lyrics, noises, Peter Verwimp: guitar, guest: Isabel Tesfazghi: voice,lyrics

Phantastic song from KasjaNoova and friends. I don't like comparisons, sounds like this and sound like that, hey, but it sounds like Nico is still alive. Sisters in the spirit.
Brilliant Kasja
Lind Bohm, January 24