KAROO from Avachorda / Krautnoise on Vimeo.

Written and performed by KasjaNoova and Lind Bohm. VID March 2013 by by Lind Bohm. Shot at Karoo, South Africa.


Outtake from the album CHLOROFORMO, released 2013 on AVACHORDA.
Written for piano, horns and electronic device.

Last weekend the temperature went down, we had snow, but the leaves had still a beautiful color in red, green and yellow. An awesome mid autumn day and perfect for shooting some material for a video. ".


"I shot this video at a live performance of San Derrick Cooper Marquardt in Leipzig. Sean and me (Bohm & Cooper Marquardt Duo), we had one track called Ruf der Juenger on WIRE Tapper 25/2011 - www.thewire.co.uk. Plan was making a also a full length album. Time will tell."

Release on Krautnoise. Written by Kies van Akkermann and Lind Bohm. Produced by Lind Bohm at Kunstraum F8. Video by Lind Bohm. The song is about brocolli, baby carrots and Birkenstock. Not a typical Krautnoise track (what is typical), but it was a rare fun working with Kies. Don't take it too serious.............

Kies van Akkermann: öko ist geil from Avachorda / Krautnoise on Vimeo.